Artiste Studio Vision
Artiste Studio Vision

Susanne Persson

Artist with a passion for watercolor, calligraphy and proverbs

Merit Prize Award
Shared 3rd place in category Abstract
Art Show International Gallery, USA

"You're an extremely talented artist and the jury loved your works, as I'm sure you're aware from your recent Merit Prize win in our ABSTRACT competition. The soft rendering of your watercolor works match perfectly with the measured twists and turns of the abstract shapes you bringforth. The color palette you choose to represent them also gives these shapes a natural rhythm, which is just masterful."

Niladri Sarker,Ph.D.

Founder& CEO


Talent Prize Award
Shared 4th place in category Flower
Art Show International Gallery, USA

Honorable Mention Award
 In category Water
Art Show International Gallery, USA

Finalist Award
 In category Abstract
Art Show International Gallery, USA

I have won 4 prizes in  juried international art competitionsd ART SHOW INTERNTATIONAL GALLERY from Los Angeles, USA.

This is featured front of top TV, print, radio and Digital media outlets. like The Boston Globe, Tampa Bay Times, Houston Chronicle, San Francisco Gate, Philadelphia Inquirer, The Business Journals, ABC, NBC, CBS. The pressrelease will be distributed to over 6.300 online, local, regional, national, international and industry media outlets including Google News, Benzinga, Chicago Tribunes, New York Times, Wall Street Journal and others.


To be creative is a gift for me, where I allow myself to be led and quietly receive what comes to me.

This gift gives me peace of mind and insights.

Most paintings are not planned, but the painting goes its own way.

I paint intuitively with a lot of colors and play with depth, light and shadow. By letting go of control and having faith, dreamy motives emerge, often with a mysterious mood.

A great source of inspiration is nature, with all its power and signs. Exploring another world, another dimension has always fascinated me. Through the overlaps of the sheer transparent colors, I want to invite you to this secret world.

Are you interested in buying my art? Press Sale, where you can read more about how the sales works.  If you have a question about one of my paintings or something else you are wondering about, 
please feel free to contact me at

Susanne Persson