Artiste Studio Vision

Art exhibitions / projects 2022

- Art exhibition with Art Association Southwest KSV. 
- Separate exhibition at Gavelbjärsvägen 24 in Arrie
15-18 April,  10 am-17 pm.

- Collective exhibition at Naturgården in Bröddarp 15-18 April and 23-24 April. Open every day from 10 am-17 pm.

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-Incognito Art Gallery, Ireland. Participates with three watercolor paintings to a large charity ArtSale where all profits go to sick children.  Voting from 31 March, Artsale 21 April. 
-Virtual Gallery. Participates with four watercolor paintings in a virtual Gallery, based in London.  Click to the left in the virtual gallery and you see my art;  www.Fluwreview.

Art exhibitions / projects 2021
- Solent Showcase Gallery, Southampton, England.

Collective exhibition.  "Life in Lockdown exhibition"
Dec 20 - Jan 21. See photo below.

- Three published watercolours in "The Art of Watercolour", watercolour competition.
 -Art exhibition Art Association Southwest KSV 2-11 april. Collective  and separate exhibition.
- Fall exhibition in September with Art exhibition Art Association Southwest KSV. Collective  and separate exhibition,

- Galleryweekend, September. At Konstfrämjandet Skåne, in Malmö, where my giclee prints was for sale.

Voice of nature
New dimension

All three of my submitted watercolor paintings were published in the American watercolor magazine
"The Art of Watercolor" in connection with a watercolor competition. Dec 2020.

The weave of nature