Artiste Studio Vision

Art exhibitions / projects 2021
- Solent Showcase Gallery, Southampton, England.

Collective exhibition.  "Life in Lockdown exhibition"
Dec 20 - Jan 21. See photo below.

- Three published watercolours in "The Art of Watercolour", watercolour competition.

- Art exhibition Art Association Southwest KSV 2-11 april. Collective exhibition at Naturgården and
- Separate exhibition at Gavelbjärsvägen 24 in Arrie. 2-5 april.

-Calligraphy course Mullsjö Folkhögskola Summer studio course 2-7 / 8. 

Voice of nature
New dimension

All three of my submitted watercolor paintings were published in the American watercolor magazine
"The Art of Watercolor" in connection with a watercolor competition. Dec 2020.

The weave of nature