Artiste Studio Vision

Susanne´s watercolor paintings can be described as a quote from Lund diocese Åkersberg:
"Through the brittleness of the watercolor, the overlaps of the transparent colors, dreamy motifs are depicted with a mysterious atmosphere. In these secret worlds there is a feeling of freedom and Nordic magic. The intangible but constantly present which is interpreted differently depending on the viewer."

Susanne Persson is an artist who lives and works in Malmö, Sweden. What started with first prize in a drawing competition at the age of 7 continued with art studies at Mulljö Folkhögschool followed by five years at Phillips University in Enid, Oklahoma, USA. There she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts with the honorable mention Magna Cum Laude. This meant that in all the University´s fields of study, she was examined as one of the 8 best students through her grade, GPA 3.96 out of possible GPA 4.0.

In 2001, she started her company, Artiste Studio Vision and has, in addition to watercolor painting and calligraphy, also worked with design, ceramics and illustration. 

Susanne har participated in several calligraphy courses, including in Belgium and Ireland and also studied Japanese calligraphy in Japan. She has also combined calligraphy and ceramics, among other things in the form of raku-burnt plates with Japanese calligraphy characters and inventive sayings in stoneware. Today, she often has calligraphy courses, including at Mullsjö Folkhögsschool and she especially enjoys teaching how to use calligraphy in watercolor paintings.

For more than 20 years, Susanne has worked with design, painting, calligraphy and ceramics. The assignments have involved the design and reconstruction of temporary exhibitions and the design of posters for the Match Museum in Jönköping, wedding and christening gifts in calligraphy and illustrations for brochures, books and clipart, etc. She has painted large murals at Upptech in Jönköping.

Susanne has also been commissioned as a jury member to assess works of art for art exhibitions.

At Konsthallen Falsterbo Strandbad, she was in 2020 project manager/curator for a planned calligraphy exhibition. There she has also held workshops in watercolor painting, nature and art, sunprint and taught calligraphy courses.

Susanne is a member of Konstnärernas Riksorganisation KRO (The Artists' National Organization),  Konstnärsgruppen Sydväst (Artist Association Southwest) and Nordiska Akvarellsällskapet NAS (Nordic Watercolor Society). She has had about 60 art exhibitions in Sweden, Belgium, USA, Italy and England, both solo and group exhibitions. She has won 4 prizes i different categories in artcompetitions from USA and is represented with her art by Teravarna Art Gallery in Los Angeles, USA. (

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